Summer Brain Gain

Brain Gain:

Keep kids learning this summer! Brain Gain helps mitigate summer learning loss for early and upper elementary, middle, and high school youth. This project-based learning approach will keep youth engaged through discovery, creative expression, and group work.

Book Club:

When books fall open, kids fall in! Book Club encourages young readers to discover great books, discuss favorite stories, explore important topics, and have fun with literacy! Book Club is offered in small group settings to encourage even our youngest readers to develop a love of reading. The Club partners with the Berlin and Green Lake Public Libraries to provide youth the opportunity to participate in the libraries’ summer reading programs. Youth will track their reading minutes throughout the summer months to earn a variety of incentives.

Computer Science:

Club members will embark on a journey to learn computer science based on their needs and unique interests. Club members will develop critical thinking, problem-solving and coding through the Computer Science program. The program will help members learn the code that runs the web, computer programs, robots and video games.

Board & Card Game Club:

Board & Card Game Club is a way to meet new friends and enjoy friendly competition playing a variety of new and classic games. Youth will have a lot of fun while enhancing their memory and increasing their problem solving and goal-setting skills! This club also helps teach youth to strategize and focus while boosting their confidence in a supportive, phone-free environment.