Youth Recognition


Kaylee Kimball was 18 years old when the Club entered her life, impacting her in a way she never thought possible. When Covid-19 hit, she felt an urge to help others, especially kids.  Enter the Club’s Teens 2 Work Program. This program matched her with a job within the Club walls as a Junior Staff. She  states, “Working at the Club allowed me to have a safe place to come when there wasn’t necessarily a safe feeling out in the world with the pandemic. It allowed me to give back and give that sense of safety to others.”

Her job also opened her to new opportunities. Soon after becoming employed, she joined the Club’s national teen leadership program called Keystone. After attending the virtual national conference for Keystone, Kimball stated how it reinforced what she had already been feeling, “I was one of many; not alone. The Club took me for everything that I was and welcomed me as I was.”

Tom Jensen, a former Club Board President who sat on the panel of judges for this year’s competition, explained that Kaylee was chosen based not only on her role in the Club, but her vast academic accomplishments including Student Council President, National Honor Society, landing roles in her school’s plays, and most notably serving as a mentor up to 3 hours a day in the elementary school.  “Kaylee was very impressive. I think she will represent the Club tremendously. She is very well spoken, very professional, and very easy to communicate with. I think everyone in the room got the sense that this young woman is destined for great things.”

And she is. While Kimball states her main goal in life is to “help people. I just want to continue to make a positive impact on people,” she will also be pursuing a special education/social work degree at Northern Michigan.


Youth of the Month recognizes Club members who have excelled at the Club.

January – Easton & Miriam

February – Gabi & Luyen

March –  Berlin Site: Diego; Green Lake Site: Elise; Teen: Francesca

April –  Berlin Site: Sidney; Green Lake Site: Nora; Teen: Tony

May – Berlin Site: Anabella; Green Lake Site: Ariana; Teen: Audrianna

June – Berlin Site: Anabelle; Green Lake Site: Ashley; Teen: Jayden

July – Berlin Site: Ava ; Green Lake Site: Lydia; Teen: Evelynn

August – Berlin Site: Kenden; Green Lake Site: Noah; Teen: Brianna

September – Berlin Site: Scarlet; Green Lake Site: Kaylynn; Teen: Gary

October – Berlin Site: Liam; Green Lake Site: Chief; Teen: Chloe

November- Berlin Site: Sidney ; Green Lake Site: Whitlee ; Teen: Amirrah

December- Berlin Site: Bowen ; Green Lake Site: Ella ; Teen: Estrella